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Find cluster status using the `pxctl status` command

The pxctl status command provides an overview of your cluster, including:

  • Cluster status
  • Information on attached nodes
  • Cluster summary
  • Global storage capacity and usage
  • Reported alerts

You can use the pxctl status command to view general information, check for alerts, and assist with cluster debugging.

The following example outputs the status of an operational cluster with 192 GB of total storage capacity:

pxctl status
Status: PX is operational
Node ID: 0a0f1f22-374c-4082-8040-5528686b42be
     Local Storage Pool: 2 pools
    0    LOW        64 GiB    1.1 GiB    Online    b    us-east-1
    1    LOW        128 GiB    1.1 GiB    Online    b    us-east-1
    Local Storage Devices: 2 devices
    Device    Path        Media Type        Size        Last-Scan
    0:1    /dev/xvdf    STORAGE_MEDIUM_SSD    64 GiB        10 Dec 16 20:07 UTC
    1:1    /dev/xvdi    STORAGE_MEDIUM_SSD    128 GiB        10 Dec 16 20:07 UTC
    total            -            192 GiB
Cluster Summary
    Cluster ID: 55f8a8c6-3883-4797-8c34-0cfe783d9890
    IP        ID                    Used    Capacity    Status    0a0f1f22-374c-4082-8040-5528686b42be    2.2 GiB    192 GiB        Online (This node)
Global Storage Pool
    Total Used        :  2.2 GiB
    Total Capacity    :  192 GiB

The following example displays the status of a cluster that is in maintenance mode. Note that the status line has changed to PX is in maintenance mode.

PX is in maintenance mode.  Use the service mode option to exit maintenance mode.
Node ID: a0b87836-f115-4aa2-adbb-c9d0eb597668
     Local Storage Pool: 0 pool
    Pool    IO_Priority    Size    Used    Status    Zone    Region
    No storage pool
    Local Storage Devices: 0 device
    Device    Path    Media Type    Size        Last-Scan
    No storage device
    total        -    0 B
Cluster Summary
    Cluster ID: bb4bcf13-d394-11e6-afae-0242ac110002
    Node IP: - Node ID: a0b87836-f115-4aa2-adbb-c9d0eb597668 In Maintenance
Global Storage Pool
    Total Used        :  0 B
    Total Capacity    :  0 B

AlertID    Resource    ResourceID                Timestamp    Severity    AlertType        Description
39    CLUSTER        a56a4821-6f17-474d-b2c0-3e2b01cd0bc3    Jan 8 06:01:22 UTC 2017    ALARM        Node state change    Node a56a4821-6f17-474d-b2c0-3e2b01cd0bc3 has an Operational Status: Down
48    NODE        a0b87836-f115-4aa2-adbb-c9d0eb597668    Jan 8 21:45:25 UTC 2017    ALARM        Cluster manager failure    Cluster Manager Failure: Entering Maintenance Mode because of Storage Maintenance Mode

Note that the command shows the list of alerts that have been reported.

For more details, please see the alerts page.

Portworx, Inc. recommends setting up monitoring with Prometheus and AlertsManager. If you are using Portworx with Kubernetes, refer to the Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana article. If you are using Portworx with other orchestrators, refer to the Alerting With Portworx article.

Last edited: Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020