PX-Central upgrade script reference

./upgrade.sh [options] '[arguments...]'
NOTE: The script name upgrade.sh reflects the default name specified in the installation instructions, but can be whatever you named the script file when you downloaded it.


Option Description Required?
--kubeconfig Kubeconfig file No
--pxcentral-namespace The namespace in which your PX-Central on-prem cluster exists No
--pxcentral-upgrade-version The desired version of PX-Central you want to upgrade to No
--pxcentral-image-repo The image repository for air-gapped deployments No


  • Upgrade the current running PX-Central to the latest release:

  • Upgrade the current running PX-Central verision to a specific release:

    ./upgrade.sh --pxcentral-upgrade-version 1.0.3
  • Specify the Kubeconfig if it is not in the default directory:

    ./upgrade.sh --kubeconfig /root/.kube/config
  • Specify the PX-Central on-prem namespace, if it is not running in the default portworx namespace:

    ./upgrade.sh --pxcentral-namespace kube-system

Last edited: Friday, Aug 28, 2020