Add clusters to PX-Central On-prem

Once you’ve installed PX-Central, you’re ready to add the clusters you’ll manage with it.


Ensure you meet the following prerequisites on the cluster you will be adding to PX-Central on-prem:

  • Open ports on your cluster:

    Port Component Purpose Incoming/Outgoing
    31240 PX-Central Sends metrics data to PX-Central on-prem Outgoing
  • You must be admin or have permissions to create and configure Clusterrole, Clusterrolebinding objects on your cluster. If you don’t meet this prerequisite, you’ll still be able to add your cluster to PX-Central, but you wont be able to use the Lighthouse monitoring features.

Add a cluster to PX-Central on-prem

  1. From the PX-Central home page, select the + Add Cluster button.
  2. Enter the Endpoint and Port number, if it’s different from the default value, then select the Verify Cluster button.
  3. At the expanded prompt:

    1. Confirm the cluster details: Cluster name, UUID, Orchestrator, and version.
    2. Enter your cluster’s KubeConfig; you find this by entering the kubectl config view --flatten --minify command in your cluster.
    3. Select the Verify Cluster button followed by the Submit button to verify and add your cluster.

Once added, PX-Central returns to the landing page which now includes your newly added cluster.

NOTE: When you remove a cluster from PX-Central on-prem, it does not remove Prometheus from that cluster, and Grafana will continue to show cluster metrics dashboards.

Last edited: Friday, Aug 28, 2020