Install Portworx on Kubernetes via Helm

The Portworx Helm chart deploys Portworx and Stork in your Kubernetes cluster.



To install Portworx via the chart with the release name my-release run the following commands:

  1. Clone the Portworx Helm chart repository.

    git clone
  2. Specify the values for the options in the values.yaml file as per your requirement.

  3. Install the chart using the following command:

    helm install my-release ./helm/charts/portworx/ --debug


Follow the steps below to wipe your entire Portworx installation.

  1. Add the following to the values.yaml file if the deleteStrategy parameter was not set during installation:

        type: UninstallAndWipe
  2. Run the following command to use the updated values.yaml file:

    helm upgrade my-release ./helm/charts/portworx/ --debug
    NOTE: Skip step 1 and step 2 if the deleteStrategy parameter was set during installation.
  3. Delete the Helm release by running the following command:

    helm delete my-release --debug


Once you have a running Portworx installation, below sections are useful.

Troubleshooting helm installation failures

Refer to the common troubleshooting instructions for Portworx deployments via Helm Troubleshooting portworx installation

Last edited: Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022